'Signed-By' is a concept Design Store located in Sheung Wan at 43 G/F Tung Street. It is a space dedicated to avant-garde Design and Fashion.

DING designed by Jesse McLin and Julie Progin with Benjamin Salabay at Signed By.

2 Sizes available Large | Small

Porcelain + Gold

BOLTIE Bench by the Cave at Signed By \ temporary installation at ilivetomorrow space

BOLTIE Bench by the Cave at Signed By \ temporary installation at ilivetomorrow space

1 year ago

LABYRINTH Collection designed by Elaine Young at Signed By

LABYRINTH Collection designed by Elaine Young at Signed By

1 year ago

The ‘Boltie’ Bench designed by the Cave now available at Signed By. Boltie Bench is handmade using solid maple wood and can be use in flexible combinations.

PETE SORENSEN | HAND MADE DESIGN FOR FEET will be in exclusivity at Signed By in HONG KONG. Available in March.

PETE SORENSEN is a Parisian new Label for Men founded by Kevin Serpaggi and Camille Hourdeaux. With an elegant and unique design, Pete Sorensen shoes are carefully and beautifully handmade.

WATERFALL #5 INVISIBLE (Cities) at Signed By

However, the works featured in this book were only a tiny part from what I’ve collected. Some of familiar landscape of Elephant and Castle, Stockholm or Taipei, a food list while staying in Berlin, the impact of Hong Kong, the conflict, the love affair….or a found postcard in Paris and so on, we just happened to be there then. In the postscript section, there’s project based on the community from the island Tristan da Cunha, it’s to show the concept of city from an opposite angle. In the same section, to back to the initial idea, Hundred Views of Fiction and Mount Rowland both are concerning the issue of seeing. In addition, there’s the Listener’s Manual in the final part of the book as an extended response.

WATERFALL #4  The Spectacle of Now at Signed By

The works in this issue includes photography, prose and illustrations, of which all dedicate to quality moments of being petty and frivolous in our histories. The places such as drawers and old photo booths shows in the selected works from photographr Charlie Engman and artist WeiWei Lo. A series of b/w photos which were taken during the last decade by the artist JuiChung Yao, this collection reveals the true emotion of the artist’s own from the touch of the past. The awkward human plants collage by illustrator Son Ni reaches another point of view about the strength between the exotic and the ordinary. The project “ Pocket Talisman “ makes a perfect conclusion for the issue Pocket either in the metaphysical or the physical way. By giving the symbolic meaning for those object which show in the photographs, the word “Pocket” is no longer a “Pocket”, but where the hidden histories and the personal feelings belong.

Ukiyo by Kanako Sasaki available at Signed By (Limited Edition of 300)

“Without noticing, I started to take photographs in their private space. Soon, I discovered the possibility of floating in between, the boundary, such as above and below or in the middle from the session. While we erect bipedal, while our above has the sky and below has the ground, while we meet the next day after our sleep or while the power holders control the power, I want to trigger the glimpse of resistance in this midst of these fragile world by the floats. Hollowed eyes and opened hair on the floor seemed dreamlike.

My Ukiyo accept all the principals, right and left, up and down and enjoy the moment despite the death ahead of us. I leave their flexible spirits to Ukiyo, the floating world to be able to swim across within this fluctuated world.” – Kanako Sasaki

////ffixxed\\ HOMEAWAYFROMHOME  AW12 Collection available at SIGNED By.

COMING Soon in Hong Kong ‘POLKA' designed by Malwina Antoniszczak. 

'POLKA' is an exclusive project for ilivetomorrow and Signed BY.

Polka space divider by Malwina Antoniszczak, designed and made in Poland.

Polka is a folding space divider made of laminated paper, plywood and stainless steel. Polka comes in two sizes, the smaller one is designed for the office desks and allows to create a flexible work space. The bigger Polka is a free standing space divider and can be situated in various, professional or private spaces.